I believe that each of us has a responsibility to do our best by the world. If you are raising children, raise them well, model goodness, teach them to be careful guardians of their own well being, the well being of loved ones and strangers alike, and the world to which they belong. If you’re able, find work that rewards you and improves your community. Read the stories of others. Share your story. Take measures to understand your impact.

After living several lives (corporate finance, nonprofit finance, motherhood, marriage and divorce), I felt a powerful need for change and the desire for a new form of purpose and community. In the spring of 2022, I took ownership of a tiny shop in the beautiful east side of Austin, TX, embarking on a journey of learning and exploration. I have poured my heart into this rebirth of self. I have focused my energy on adhering to the intersection of my own ethos and that of Kindred Spirits: putting good into the world, improving my community, offering avenue for small makers who are doing the same by selling clothing and objects created in small batch, using natural fibers and materials, and apothecary made of organic ingredients.

What incredible good fortune to find myself on this path, participating in a community that is woven together by mission and passion, a community that creates, curates, offers and receives beauty and joy. I have stumbled into a life where my role is to put good things out into the world and receive so much good in return. What luck! I am grateful, and I strive daily to make the most of this gift of a life.

- Becky